Vinyl is a durable product that is made to last. Developments in vinyl production are positive. Our foil partner supplies foil produced using a phthalate-free softening agent. Softening agents are used to make plastics for things such as toys and food packaging soft and flexible. Processing a phthalate-free softening agent is a sustainable solution that complies with REACH (REACH is the EU regulation intended to improve protection of human health and the environment against possible risks). As a processor of vinyl, this is a highly important aspect to us.

Aside from that, we are very aware of our environmental impact, which we reduce by collecting all waste foil and recycling it for reuse.

Our foil range offers many hundreds of possibilities. We have foil available in many different colours and with different designs and textures, ranging from luxury velvety foil to pre-printed foil. Our foils can be printed using screen printing, offset printing, and hot foil stamping.


Paper / Cardboard:

Cardboard can be covered (or laminated) with your print design. You can either supply the design yourself, or we can take care of all the offset printing for you. The offset-printed paper is subsequently foil laminated using an eco-friendly foil.

The cardboard fill is 100% recycled paper, i.e. the cardboard we use is FSC-certified.



We also offer the option of laminating cardboard with natural linen or vinyl-coated material. These materials add a luxurious touch to your product. Depending on the design you want, the material can be printed using the screen printing method. Another printing technique that is commonly used for this material is hot foil stamping.



This material is as durable as it is strong. It is easy to print and process, and it maintains its looks for a long time. Punching holes into polypropylene is also a possibility so it can be used to make separate products, such as cases.