Welcome to the website of Plastic Modern BV. Thank you for visiting our website.

This new website is a logical result of ongoing developments at our company, which include a new logo, product innovations, and much more. At Plastic Modern BV, we are starting a new chapter in our company’s journey.
On our new website, you will find extensive information about everything we have to offer, while the simple menu structure allows you to find the page you need in no time. If you find there is any information missing, please let us know right away using the contact details so we can add the missing information as soon as possible.

This has become a website that I am very proud of. I would like to thank Erwin Bakker of Bakker Ontwerp for taking care of the layout, Jan Bokelaar for sharing some of the company’s history, and I owe a great debt of gratitude to all my colleagues here at Plastic Modern, thanks to whom I have been able to gain such broad experience that I could easily add an infinite amount of information to this website.

Josina van der Schaar
Managing Director



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