Plastic Modern offers you the opportunity to create a unique design for your ring binders. A design that matches your corporate identity, the theme of your campaign, or the preferences of your target group, enabling you to showcase your organisation’s identity in every detail.

The combinations of materials and (printing) techniques are virtually endless. And given that Plastic Modern handles all production itself in-house, perfection is guaranteed.

Standard ring binders:

What makes our standard ring binders so special is that the laminating sheets are glued to the cardboard.

In fact, the only thing that is ‘standard’ about these ring binders is the size, because the transparent pockets on the front and spine allow you to personalise these ring binders with a unique look and feel. This is what makes this type of ring binder ideally suited for professional presentations.

Our standard ring binders are available with 2 rings or 4 rings and with capacities ranging from 15mm to 65mm.

Vinyl ring binders:

Plastic welded ring binders are highly durable and therefore extremely user-friendly. They are available with many different kinds of laminating sheets with different textures, and in various colours.

Paper/linen/balacron ring binders:

To make this type of ring binder, the binder material is laminated onto and wrapped around the edges of a piece of grey board for a turned-edge finish. The grey board can be laminated with printed material, either provided by you or custom made by us. Binder materials such as linen or balacron will give the ring binder a distinct quality and a luxurious look. If you need advice on the various options, we’d be happy to help.

Polypropylene ring binders:

Polypropylene ring binders have a modern look. This material is relatively easy to print using either screen, offset or digital printing. And this material is durable and available in various thicknesses and colours.