Founded in 1958 by Piet Bokelaar, Plastic Modern BV started out as a small company with a workforce of 3 employees based in a wooden shed in Naaldwijk. Bokelaar’s very first order came from a high-profile customer, Royal Dutch Shell, setting his business in motion and enabling him to pay for the first machines. Business was good in those days. Orders from Shell, as well as wholesale giant Stokvis Rotterdam and numerous other companies, meant the company soon needed larger premises in Naaldwijk. The company initially relocated to an interconnected row of garages, but operations soon outgrew this space as well. However, land for industrial purposes was scarce and expensive in the local area, and it was also hard to find staff. A tip from a customer based in Joure made Piet Bokelaar decide to relocate the entire business to Heerenveen in Friesland province. There was plenty of space there, building land was cheap, and it was easy to recruit staff.